Debunks the Myths!
Misinformed About Food
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"If you were to read only one book on food and supplements this is it! Author Karp connects all the dots, revealing the powerful information we need to know and the misinformation you may wish you didn't." -Bill Kurtis, TV Journalist
Confused about the “expert” advice we’re being fed about food and supplements? Misinformed debunks the myths! Read it, and you’ll know more than the experts. Is celery aging our skin? Is there toxic waste in our toothpaste? Is soy friend or foe? The truth about genetically modified Frankenfoods. How to restore memory loss, and eliminate brain fog. Confused about the latest miracle food? Has contradictory information from the experts, or headline news, left you wondering what in the world you’re supposed to eat? Then this is the book for you! Author Randy Karp spent 5 years researching the researchers, combining the latest cutting edge findings into one simple, yet powerful program. Prepare to learn what you didn't already know. One of the most compelling exposes ever written. $24.95 + S/H = $27.90
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The First "Premium Grade" Extra Virgin Olive Oil! 
"Vacuum Milled" to Retain Polyphenols Gold Medal Award Winning Flavor Organic, Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin
Most store bought olive oils aren't what you think. Many are highly processed, charcoal filtered and depleted of important nutrients or mixed with low grade oils. We have grown accustom to eating rancid greasy olive oil. If you pour it liberally, beware! Many are unstable and void of anti-oxidants. We've created a special, new class of Olive Olive that's so rich and fresh, it smells like fresh cut wheat grass; with bold, fresh, robust flavor. Brimming with a medley of powerful antioxidants and unrivaled taste. It’s the closest thing you’ll find to gold in a bottle.The power of oxygen-free milling captures the full character of the fruit in the olive oil. We proudly label our nutrient content on every bottle: Polyphenols (475 mg/kg), Tocopherols (225 mg/kg), and Squalene (470 mg/100gm). All certified by independent testing! Freshly harvested. Supply is limited! We call it ...Organic Extra V! 
The Ultimate Daily Multiple Vitamin
With the Power and Balance to Change your Life.
Real protection morning and night.
Based on cutting edge research found in the book Misinformed about Food … 27 nutrients in a unique, powerful, scientifically-based formula provide a new level of protection. Compare to leading brands that fail to provide the meaningful dosages we require to truly optimize our health. Includes hard to find nutrients like the gamma form of Tocopherol, the alpha form of Carotene, master anti-oxidant Alpha Lipoic Acid and Glutathione precursor NAC. No BHT or BHA preservatives. Natural, not synthetic vitamin E. Comprehensive formula replaces numerous bottles you normally purchase. 120 tablets ( Just 2 AM and 2 PM) provide 30 days of powerful protection. $24.95 + S/H = $27.95
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One Bottle $19.95 + S&H = $28.90
Two Bottles $34.95 + S&H = $47.90
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The Book!

The Book!