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The Book :

A landmark book, and one most well researched books ever introduced in the field of health and wellness, Randy Karp's “Misinformed About Food” is based on cutting edge research from the world’s greatest minds. “Misinformed About Food” separates the fact from the fiction, as author Randy Karp, debunks the food nutrition myths and tells us what we didn’t already know about food and nutrients. It’s the hard hitting book that makes you the expert. Read it, and you’ll be the authority. Apply it, and you’ll harness the real power of food and vitamins. And author Karp prices it affordably - making “Misinformed About Food” the bargain of a lifetime. Give it as a gift to those you love. Karp’s fascinating read is a wake-up call, providing a real blueprint for optimizing health and avoiding health misinformation with hard hitting information you can put to work today!

The Multiple Vitamin:

The Informed Living Daily Multiple Vitamins (Super -Multiple) are unlike any other and the bargain of a lifetime. The CoQ-10 alone is worth the price. But that’s just for starters. We include 26 other vitamins, at the dosages you need, when you need them. An amazing array of important nutrients based on cutting edge science, not hype; designed to optimize your health (ODA), not just protect against deficiency (RDA). It offers real protection, morning and night, with hard to find nutrients like NAC, to assist your body’s production of immune enhancing glutathione. We offer our Informed Living daily Super- Multiple vitamin program, at an affordable price. 30 day supply (120 vitamin tablets). Compare!

The Olive Oil:

Our Informed Living Cold Pressed, Organic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO, or in our case EVOOO), is teaming with polyphenols and extraordinarily dense nutrients. A bevy of important compounds is found in the first pressing of the olive itself. Oftentimes important nutrients are lost or degraded in other maker’s oils labeled Extra Virgin, due to handling, milling, transporting, heat, or light, streaming in from transparent containers. In fact, other olive oils that are labeled Extra Virgin may be highly refined by makers to reduce the time it takes for the healthy monounsaturated olive oil to degrade, and to retard potential rancidity. Informed Livings Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not only organic and pesticide free, but loaded with important polyphenols, oleocanthol, and other protective anti-oxidants. The only Extra Virgin Olive Oil we’re aware of that’s milled in a vacuum, to avoid much of the destruction by heat, light and oxygen, that degrades them in the milling process. -- proudly packed in an opaque glass bottle. Key nutrients, shown in third party testing, proudly labeled on the back of each bottle.

The Multi- Berry and Pomegranate Powder.

The only ORGANIC Multi- Berry and Pomegranate powder we’re aware of that’s FREEZE DRIED! Freeze drying, as discussed in the book, “Misinformed About Food”, captures the essence of the fruit before it’s damaged by transportation (and before its sprayed with ethylene, like most conventional, transported fruits),retaining not only important nutrients, but the important FIBER too. .

Based on science, not anecdote.

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Based on science, not anecdote
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The Book!


The Book!
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