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:"Randy Karp is knowledgeable, articulate and    passionate about his work! He was a GREAT guest!" Radio Host Natalie Weinstein-Walk Mike Mike Shickman, Radio- 97.5 "Randy was the guest every interviewer dreams about -- knowledgeable -- interesting -- witty and easy to talk to." Click here

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Why you need to GET FAT!

  • The FDA and the Food Fray.  
  • The Frankenfoods: The startling truth about genetically modified foods.
  • What you need to know about COOKING OIL, from Canola to EVOO.
  • 5 Popular Health Foods that are AGING you.
  • Is there Toxic Waste in Your TOOTHPASTE? 
  • How to Bulletproof your HEART.          
  • Unlock the REAL power of Food.
  • Loose WEIGHT now, WITHOUT diet and exercize!
  • The powerful Anti-Oxidants you have heard of...
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