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Randy Karp, MS, is a leading expert in the field of nutrition and its impact on human behavior, performance and physiology. Born the son of Dr. Edward Karp, a pioneer in prevention, and Doctor of Naprapathy (DN), Randy was raised in an environment that observed how the foods we eat affect our health and ability to adapt.

As a student of behavioral psychology, he became intrigued by the relationship between maladaptive behavior and a poor diet. While completing his practicum for his Masters in Science and Human Services, he observed a similar parallel between poor nutrition and self esteem in adolescent substance abusers. This link compelled him to dig deeper into every aspect of our food supply; how it’s grown, processed, prepared, supplied and presented. Karp quickly became an early crusader on a single-minded mission: to discover and reveal the truth about food and supplements, (debunking the myths). In doing so, Karp discovered the means to harness their real power - the power to improve and extend our lives and avoid health misinformation.

After his mother lost her life to cancer, he committed himself to investigating the facts, based on science, not anecdote. Today, he’s regarded as one of the preeminent authorities on food, supplements, nutrition and anti-aging, exposing the groundless information that we've been fed - misinformation that compromises the quality and length of our lives. His extensive research eliminates the guess work, revealing what we need to know while exposing the naked truth about what we thought we already did – debunking food nutrition myths. His powerful, yet easy to use Synergy of "Super-Nutrient" program, allows any of us to harness the real power of food. According to Karp, you’re only one meal away from changing your life.

According to Dr. Barry Sears of Zone book fame, "Randy Karp has performed an extremely valuable service by debunking much of the mythology that surrounds our food supply. If you are truly interested in nutrition, then you should definitely read his book, “Misinformed About Food”. It's the five-year culmination of researching the researchers.
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Randy Karp has served on the Board of Directors and Advisory Board of the Clarinda State Psychiatric Hospital in Clarinda City, Iowa. He also served on the Advisory Board of the Polk County Association of Mental Health in Des Moines, Iowa. He received the Volunteer of the Year award from the President's Council on Voluntary Action, Washington D.C., for improving the lives of those less fortunate in his community. Karp also received the Volunteer of the Year award from the Polk County Association of Mental Health.

After his training in behavioral psychology, he founded a clinic to teach simple gross motor skills to behaviorally-challenged and autistic children. In the process, he became a leading advocate for self-care. He would later receive graduate honors for his work on the effects of food on behavior. A former member of the Young Presidents Organization, Randy currently operates Global Solutions LTD, and his newly found company, Informed Living LLC, featuring the finest life enhancing products of their kind including nutritional foods and groundbreaking multiple vitamins. Each fills a void in the marketplace, based on the research revealed in his ground-breaking, soon to be released book, “Misinformed About Food”.

An outspoken advocate of a new brand of self-health care, Randy is a featured expert on a growing number of radio and T.V. talk shows, a member in good standing of the National Academy of Anti-Aging, a frequent contributor to New Living Magazine, and an accomplished key-note speaker. His Tip of The Week is broadcast weekly, to nearly 2 million viewers throughout the state of Arizona on AZTV. He and his wife Kelly live in northern Arizona.

Informed Living LTD, a consumer products company, launched by Randy and wife Kelly, introduces the finest products of their kind. Developed for those who seek a new standard of self care, each provides unprecedented value. Produced without shortcuts, they're quite simply the best in their class.
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