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Breakfast ...
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Some breakfast ideas … think outside of the “cereal” box!

1. Quick Skillet Eggs:

To a skillet on medium low heat with EVOO...throw in some diced red bell peppers, diced apples, handful of fresh blueberries, diced pickled jalepenos (optional of course) and saute for about 5 minutes....make two wells in the skillet, crack one farm fresh egg inside of each well - sprinkle a handful or two of broco-sprouts, cover skillet with lid and simmer for about 10 minutes or until eggs are set to your liking...

2.Breakfast for those mornings that are a bit leisurely:
* Grilled Salmon (about a 5 oz piece per person), either on the grill or skillet
* Asparagus (as many as you would like!)
* Freshly sliced avocado wedges, drizzled with EVOO
* Unsweetened or diluted Organic Pomegranate and Blueberry Juice 

Although this says “a bit more leisurely” – it only takes 6 – 8 minutes to cook a piece of salmon.  And, the asparagus takes about the same amount of time, whether steamed or in the oven.  It would take longer to boil an egg!

3. Traditional breakfast:
* Grass fed bacon
* Fried eggs in organic butter and EVOO (or basted, or poached)
* Toasted sourdough English Muffin with Organic Butter
* Watermelon wedge
* Organic Free Trade Coffee

4. For the cereal lovers:
*McCann’s Irish Steel Cut Oats, or, Whole Control Golden Barley Cereal, topped with  organic fruit and nuts
*Informed Living Freeze Dried Organic Berry Powder 

5. Breakfast on the go:
*1 cup Greek Athena Brand Plain Yogurt
* Top with a handful of organic blueberries and pesticide-free strawberries
* If you need to sweeten further, sprinkle 1 teaspoon of Just Like Sugar

6. Kelly’s favorite:
* Scrambled Organic Omega 3 eggs, topped with your favorite roasted vegetables.
* Black Plum

Either you can roast the veggies the night before, for dinner, and make extra and store in refrigerator for breakfast– or – roast them in the morning.  The roasting takes about 20 minutes … with EVOO, kosher salt and pepper …. but so worth it…

7. Blender Breakfast:
* Watermelonor1 Banana
* Blueberries    1 Apple
* Banana   1 Kiwi
* Nutmeg    Spoonful of plain, Greek Yogurt
* 1 teaspoon fish oil per person  1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Extract, Ice, Water

The blender breakfast is the easiest way to “get what you need” for the day.  You can put anything in the blender.  If you need something to cover up the color/flavor of a vegetable, for a loved one … think Berry Powder!!!

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